Watch as Jeremy Corbyn thanks his "SNPs"

UK Labour leader praises SNP during speech to his own Scottish Labour party

JEREMY CORBYN appeared to have joined another political party during his speech to the Scottish Labour party conference in Perth on Sunday (26 February).

Speaking to a room of around 300 activsts and parliamentarians on the success of the union between the English and Scottish working classes he uttered the words, “well done our SNP’s.”

It sparked a series of mocking tweets from political commentators and Scottish politicians who registered their joy at their newest recruit to the cause of independence.

The UK Labour party leader said: “Well done Scottish Labour and well done our SNP’s.”

Then, turning to the media balcony, he shouted: “You got that didn’t you?!” 

After this, he attempted to commend Scottish Labour’s MSPs again and nearly stumbled into the same verbal blunder again, to the visible discomfort of Scottish Labour ministers and officials.

All this left SNP MPs jubilant at being embraced by their newest ally.

The Scottish Labour party conference saw the confirmation of a policy for a publicly owned railway, moves towards a new federal constitutional system for the UK and a people’s convention to organise it. Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish party leader, also reiterated that she would never back a bill in Holyrood to put another referendum for Scottish independence to the Scottish people.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan compared Scottish nationalists to supporters of US President Donald Trump and rightwing advocates of Brexit.

Picture courtesy of YouTube

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alienined's picture


Tue, 02/28/2017 - 14:00

It now official,Jeremy Corban is a clusterf..., Labour has no policies North or South of the border,it has no backbone,and no leader, can't even beat the Brexit Tories in their own backyard! Labour is swiftly moving into LibDem territory and we all know how well that panned out for Nick whatsisname!


Thu, 10/26/2017 - 08:51

Take 'Patter' off the blog! This is eight months old!!

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