Alessio Gentile: #ScotRef could spell the end of the British state for good

Activist Alessio Gentile outlines an anti-capitalist vision for an independent Scotland

SO, the horse has finally bolted from the box, the hyper-acceleration of British nationalism and a "red, white and blue" Brexit has finally come back to bite the British state back in the arse.

Finally, we can bring an end to a state who’se empire enslaved half of the world and pillaged nations for their own benefit. Finally we can rid ourselves of Tory rule as dicated to by the south west of England. Finally, the attack dog of the American interventionist and imperialism can be put to sleep.

Finally, we can see dissolution of what has been an overarching symbol of British inequality, the monarchy, and establish a socialist republic. And finally we will have the chance to utterly smash the capitalist system - no more reforms of capitalism, which have failed numerous times throughout the last century.

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However, independence doesn't guarantee any of the stated above. If we want a socialist republic, then the moment the British state is smashed we must then put the fires onto the feet of our Scottish capitalist class and not accept their reforms, refuse to "take the centre ground" to those who would exploit and divide us in a heartbeat. 

If we want a socialist republic, one that works for the millions instead of the millionaires, then there cannot be compromise with the capitalist class, regardless of what rag they wrap themselves in.

For every effort we make in getting rid of the British and their capitalist class will be in vein if we allow the capitalists to adopt the saltire as opposed to the union jack to continue their exploitation, which has bred perpetual warfare, environmental terrorism, racism, sexism and bigotry: the symptoms of capitalism and the disasters it thrives upon. 

But I stress again, independence will mean nothing, utterly nothing, unless we overthrow the ruling classes and redistribute their wealth and land.

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This up and coming referendum must be more radical than it ever was, we need to loudly shout from the rooftops this is a chance for a fundamentally different society where the movement of capital does not hold society to ransom and where criminal bankers and market manipulators face jail instead of praise.

This is a chance for Scotland to withdraw from aggressive foreign policy and send doctors and food to help those facing terror, as opposed to currently producing stockpiles of weapons for the British and being a haven for nuclear weapons rented from the Americans.

This is a chance for us to aggressively pursue those who aggressively dodge tax, which destroys our public infrastructure due to their scrounging nature.

This is the chance for the ending of racist and classist British immigration policy where we see families torn apart everyday, students who are victims of dawn raids who are then deported.

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Scotland has its racists and is far from perfect, but I am confident that in an independent Scotland we will treat people with humanity instead of painting "GO HOME!" on vans to drive around.

Regardless of how you voted in the EU ref, this isn't about if you were a remain or leaver, I personally voted to leave as I agree with the anti-capitalist case against the EU. However, this referendum is not about that, this is about democracy, as yet again Scotland did not get what it wanted for in a supposed "union of equals", much like the case has been the entirety of my adult life.

Everything Better Together and the No campaign said in 2014 was a lie, a complete and utter desperate lie that was used to cling onto Scotland. But this should be no surprise - the British state has lied to us time and time again, from Thatcher and Hillsborough to Blair and the illegal Iraq war. 

The British state has no credibility and everything its ministers and officials come out with should be taken as a lie.

Picture courtesy of Paul Sableman

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Wed, 03/15/2017 - 14:50

This article reads like sheer fantasy. The writer has asked for an end to aggression from the state, then goes on to say the people should "overthrow the ruling classes and redistribute their wealth and land".

To "overthrow" would suggest a forcible removal from power, from the ruling classes. So, is he saying we should ransack the home of Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond, JK Rowling and the various Scottish aristocrats, business leaders, politicians, religious figures, journalists and so on who "rule".

Let's make no mistake - that is more aggression in one single sentence than the British State has ever exerted upon the people of Scotland since the Union of the Crowns.

Alessio asks for a socialist republic, and hails from the Scottish Socialist Party and RISE, who seldom poll more than one per cent during an election. The truth is, no one shares this violent mindset the writer has.

The writer states Scotland can bring “an end to the state whose empire enslaved half the world and pillaged nations for their own benefit”. For one, the British Empire did not enslave anything close to half of the world, and further, the British Empire was one of the biggest forces in ending slavery. Also, the biggest slave trade in the world was from the Muslims, who are thought to have enslaved 19 million people of all ethnicities. Though, that is a convenient fact many on the left wilfully choose to ignore, as they pander to Islam.

Alessio criticises British State for engaging in slavery and colonialism, but fails to comprehend the wealth and privilege of the western world, that allows him the freedom to express these views, be the recipient of modern medicine, technology and education – they all hail from the prosperity the British Empire and other colonial nations brought to Europe and the Americas. Scotland was a key player in the British empire, and Glasgow was built by slavers.

An independent Scotland can boast to be a cornerstone of the British Empire. There is a reason Glasgow is known as the second city of the Empire.

Capitalism has worked for the millions, why else has populations in capitalist nations exploded? Why do we have the greatest life expectancy ever to exist? We are at the peak of human civilization, with most people armed with technology, medicine and more money than ever before. We have the greatest scientific achievements, shared among everyone. Yes, there are millionaires, but overall, everyone’s standard of life is a vast improvement than the pre-capitalism era. Does Alessio think the worker in the Soviet Union was better off than in the United Kingdom now?

If Alessio wishes to overthrow the monarchy, aristocracy, corporate elite, political elite, media elite and financial elite – who built the Western world which I love – then “sexism, racism and bigotry” will be the very least of his concerns, because it would drive the country into a brutal civil war and perhaps result in a world war. Does he think this powerful entity he speaks of is going to go quietly? Does he assume the population want to destroy everything that built the West? He is living in a complete fantasy world.

While there may be lies coming from the current government of the United Kingdom, and he has rightly exposed some, it does not merit a bloody civil war and revolution, to isolate Scotland as some basket case wartorn hellhole.

There is a case for independence in Scotland, but it is certainly not anything that has been mentioned here. These appear more like a fantasy writing, influenced from over-reading the last section of the Ragged Trousered Philantropist.

There is no such thing, and never will be, an anti-capitalist Scotland. Scotland is a nation where 80 per cent of workers are in the private sector. We are built from capitalism, and thrive from it. Everyone has a chance in Scotland, and everyone has free education, healthcare, child care, elderly bus passes, a range of benefits and much more to protect them. We are a nation where capitalism works.

Auburn Langley

Sat, 03/18/2017 - 11:02

Fist of all I would just like to say Woah Antelope! I think the writer may have hit a nerve there. You have attacked the author, repeatedly alluding to fantasy. What gives you the authority to say that? Oh just your own opinion? Fair. Same as the authors.
If you believe so strongly in Capitalisim why not focus on what good it brings to Scottish people's lives than just attacking other peoples views?

Also, pah! Your comments did make me laugh. Second city in the empire? Hehe. Sure it was. Yeah England built it up to be a city to manage all the shipping imports that came in...tobacco...dyes...that sort of stuff. Glasgow is a beautiful city to walk around and admire all these beautiful buildings. What's sad is that they are now mostly apartments for the really wealthy or business premises. How exactly is that capitalism helping the average joe in Glasgow? Where is your point?

To the author: thanks for writing this. It is just what the left needs. Some radical, passionate arguements. Did the right get everything they wanted after Brexit? No. But reality is shaped up looking a lot closer to their arguements than ours.


Fri, 03/24/2017 - 21:41

This article is a work of satire surely? Gotta be?

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