Local campaigner David Linden eyes SNP candidacy for Natalie McGarry's Glasgow East seat

Senior SNP figures back Shettleston activist David Linden for Glasgow East candidacy 

LOCAL ACTIVIST David Linden has joined the race to replace Natalie McGarry as the SNP MP for Glasgow East. 

Linden, who grew up in the East End, announced his decision to stand with an online video emphasising his connections and commitment to the local area. 

A variety of senior party figures, including Glasgow MSP Humza Yousaf, Glasgow Central MP Alison Thewliss, and Glasgow South MP Stewart McDonald, have already backed Linden for the candidate selection. He joins outgoing North Lanarkshire councillor Rosa Zambonini as publicly declared candidates seeking selection in the seat. 

“I’m delighted to announce today that I am seeking selection to be the SNP candidate for Glasgow East in the General Election,” Linden said.

“I’ve come back to where it all started for me today here on this football pitch in Cranhill where I learned to ride a bike. 

“This area’s got to get back to having an MP that will stand up for this area and the challenges that we face in the East End.” David Linden

“I went to Milncroft primary just over on the right hand side, and I was brought up in this flat just over here. The reason I’m standing to be the SNP candidate for this election is to give something back to my local community where I grew up. 

“I believe that I’m the candidate that has the local knowledge, the experience and the passion to be a strong voice in the House of Commons for the East End of Glasgow. That’s what we need. Once the election circus leaves town, this area’s got to get back to having an MP that will stand up for this area and the challenges that we face in the East End.”

The SNP will likely need a new candidate for Glasgow East as Natalie McGarry MP is suspended from the party, and was charged with a number of fraud offences in 2016. Following the announcement of an election, McGarry did not confirm whether she would or wouldn’t stand as an independent.

“At this juncture my focus is on my constituents and my staff. We still have a lot of work to do to represent those hit by vile Tory cuts,” she said.

SNP campaigner Toni Giugliano has also expressed interest in contesting a seat for the SNP at the General Election. The SNP told CommonSpace that “The party NEC will meet in the coming days to agree procedure for all candidates.”

Picture: David Linden

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Wed, 04/19/2017 - 17:34

"Its the economy , stupid"

Dear SNP, to fight the battles ahead can I please have an Industrial Policy, a Fiscal policy, a Monetary policy with a non GERS statement of accounts. Then and only then will we win the war.

Its the Economy Stupid

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