Watch: Glasgow City Council Elections 2017

Watch coverage of the Glasgow City Council 2017 count  with Independence Live

COMMONSPACE AND INDEPENDENCE LIVE are at the Glasgow City Council count today (Friday 5 April) to see the results of this year's local elections which see the Scottish Labour party defend the city’s local government from a confident SNP.

Watch our coverage below of the unfolding results as we see if Labour can hold on to the city chambers or if the SNP can break their four-decade long hold on power.

The SNP has fielded 56 candidates in total, Scottish Labour has fielded 43, while the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives both had 23 and the Greens with 20.

Additionally, the Scottish Tories will also try to add to their single councillor who was elected in 2012 and a surprise Holyrood election which saw them return two regional MSPs for the city in 2016.

Both the Scottish Greens and Tories are also looking to extend their influence in the city. 

Picture courtesy of Independence Live

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Fri, 05/05/2017 - 19:47

Just sent this to the BBC

The SNP do not "claim" to have won the local 2017 election. They "WON" the election by a country mile. Please don't show your bias so early on in the article. Other lesser parties had mixed results (do you see what I did their?).
You, the BBC, missed out that the SNP won this election in the 3rd term of their government. A fantastic display despite 10 years of Unionist and BBC bias against the SNP.
Now do me a favour and try, just try, to be non biased over the next 4/5/6 weeks. Remember this; the Mail has been removed form the Wikipedia organs of reference as they have produced so much/many untruths (garbage) over the years. And you BBC, are bracketed in the same category. You would not want that, would you?

You know it makes sense.

Ross Priroy

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