Ruth Davidson roundly mocked for Corbyn IRA jibe

Tory leader criticised by former soldiers for “gutter jingoism”

SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVE leader Ruth Davidson has been roundly mocked and criticised on social media for deploying a jibe alleging support for the IRA by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Members of the public, including former soldiers, took to twitter to chastise the Tory leader, who said claims by the Labour leader that he met with senior Sinn Fein figures during the troubles to further the cause of peace in Northern Ireland were “offensive to anyone who’s worn the uniform”. 

Davidson, who has come under scrutiny after some of the new intake of Tory councillors were found to have expressed extreme views, was accused of trying to stir up tensions and divisions for electoral gain, and of illegitimately speaking on behalf of soldiers in that effort.



Some former British soldiers attacked the comments, which were characterised as “gutter jingoism” in place of a commitment to peace.




Answering whether he had ever served in the armed forces, this twitter user said:



Others attacked Davidson for what they saw as her attempts to deploy tensions over the troubles as part of her attempts to grow momentum for the party following a successful local election showing and ahead of the General Election on 8 June.






Members of the press expressed dismay over the comments.



Please politicians: study the history of the Northern Ireland Troubles
Your Ignorance only compounds the still raw pain of victims all sides

Having set out her expertise on conflict resolution in Northern Ireland, Davidson will go on to discuss the difference between patriotism and nationalism today with an eye to Scottish politics.

She will deliver the speech in London.

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Mon, 05/15/2017 - 12:44

I believe that Davidson knows that the only relatively sizeable le constituency available to her is diehard Loyalists. It's a sign of desperation rather than strength . And examine it as objectively as one can , it does not seem to be demographically promising.
It may offer short term benefits, but in the medium to long term it is a reactionary cul de sac. This tactic also offers the opportunity to inflame sectarian tensions. However, that may worry some of her more affluent supporters?
Viewed in the round then! I consider it a self-serving and foolish tactic. However, given the sectarian baggage that can be witnessed at any Rangers football match, it is one that was all too likely to be exploited by Unionists.


Mon, 05/15/2017 - 13:25

I don't see any mocking. Only wholly justifiable criticism.


Mon, 05/15/2017 - 16:26

I noticed that someone suggested ' least she served..' Has she? As far as I'm aware, the extent of her service is the TA, without any operational experience. The woman is a clown! I've served in the infantry, and her comments are an insult to anyone striving for peace in the world, but she's a British nationalist, with an imperialist mind-set, where empire is to be looked upon as something that brought great British values to the world, while the truth is that it brought death and impoverishment; where those that fought back against British oppression are described as terrorists, and where the real terrorists, the British, portray themselves as the victims. She will never speak for me!

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