Police Scotland to increase armed patrols to tighten national security 

“Precautionary measure” taken to provide more visible policing in coming days 

SCOTTISH POLICE have confirmed that extra security support will be put in place to calm public concerns following the tragic attack in Manchester that has left at least 22 people dead. 

The attack, which took place late last night [Monday 22 May] near the Manchester Arena, targeted people attending a concert. 

Police Scotland Chief Constable Phil Gormley said: “My thoughts and those of everyone at Police Scotland are with those who have lost loved ones or who were injured in the attack in Manchester.

“As part of the UK-wide response to these events, Police Scotland continues to review all safety and security plans and operations. This includes ensuring our armed policing and specialist resources are appropriately deployed.

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“People will therefore see armed police on patrol at transport hubs and crowded places. There is no intelligence to suggest there is any threat to Scotland but I would ask the public to remain alert and report anything suspicious.

“We continue to liaise with the UK authorities in response to this incident.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that the “precautionary measure” would act to reassure the public that security action was being taken with an “uplift of visible policing”.

Sturgeon convened a meeting of the Scottish Government’s Resilience Committee in response to the attack alongside senior security, police, and government personnel. 

Picture courtesy of Ninian Reid

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Wed, 05/24/2017 - 12:23

Here's why the UK government's COBRA security committee and the Scottish government's Resilience Committee are out of their depth and clueless and here's what we need to know before we can defeat these terrorists.


In April, Theresa May visited Saudi Arabia and she defended her trip to Saudi Arabia, saying "its ties with the UK are important for security and prosperity".

Whereas actually, the UK, the US and world's ties with Saudi Arabia are what is endangering our security because when the world trades with Saudi Arabia we are funding radical Islamic terrorism.

Just the other day, Donald Trump was in Saudi Arabia too, saying much the same thing as Theresa May.

Actually the truth is that the UK and US are being bribed by arms deals and other business deals with the devils of radical Islamic terrorism.

May and Trump are setting aside the Saudi and Pakistani regimes' secret state sponsorship of terrorism that has killed many innocents in our own homelands.

"It's worth it!" the UK and US arms industries and others are telling Trump and May.

So that's why nothing that is said or agreed at the UK's COBRA meetings or the Scottish government's Resilience Committee meetings is going to make the slightest difference to the course or the outcome of the long war that the masterminds who run the deep states of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are waging against the Western civilised world.

Like the UK PMs before May and US Presidents before Trump, they and their forces are going to take their whipping from radical Islamic terrorism and not defeat them because for £100s of billions "this is business" and "the war on terror can wait" (until we get governments worthy of the name).

Trump and May will soon be meeting at NATO.

NATO requires a political and military anti-terrorist strategy which is beyond the limited wits of Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who as Norwegian Prime Minister failed to prevent a lone-wolf fascist terrorist from mass murdering members of his own party's youth wing at Utøya, Norway in 2011.

If Stoltenberg was out of his depth against one lone-wolf Norwegian fascist we can be sure he is out of his depth trying to defeat radical Islamic terrorism too.

So NATO has to force Stoltenberg out as Secretary General and appoint someone else who is competent, someone like me in fact.

In outline, NATO should employ a strategy of regime-change against the deep Pakistani and Saudi states employing naval blockades and seizing / destroying TV satellites in space to ensure that only our regime-change propaganda is what is being broadcast from space into Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, not regime deep state lies and excuses.

Admittedly, my strategy would be much more effective if I was serving NATO with the support of former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Therefore NATO really ought to get in contact with Condi to suggest that she and I work as a team to lead NATO as it needs to be led if we are ever to win this war on terror.

Supreme Allied Condista

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