Nicola Sturgeon goes on the offensive at Tory 'plunder on pensions'

As poll nears, First Minister goes on the offensive to stop Tory pension cuts

NICOLA STURGEON has gone on the attack today (Tuesday 6 June), stating that a Tory victory in the UK General Election and Tory MPs elected in Scotland could prove dangerous for the fate of pensions.

Campaigning in the North East ahead of tonight’s STV debate, she made the point that a vote for Ruth Davidson's party would mean Tory MPs that would “rubber stamp” the cuts of Theresa May.

Her appeal was to older voters who she claimed could make a crucial difference in an election that has seen the Tory throw away a 22 point lead and led to parties in Scotland asking for votes in anticipation of being kingmakers in Westminister.

The SNP have hinted at a progressive alliance which would ensure the triple lock on pensions and offer security to older people.

Speaking ahead of campaigning in seats in the North East today, Nicola Sturgeon said: “Throughout this campaign, it has become absolutely clear that the Tories want pensioners to bear the brunt of their austerity agenda with an unprecedented assault on pensioner incomes.

“Pension cuts are precisely the sort of issue which a strong block of SNP MPs will make a real difference.” Nicola Sturgeon

“In two days’ time voters across Scotland have an opportunity to stand up for Scotland’s pensioners by rejecting the Tory plans and to keep the Tory government in check.

“At every turn, SNP MPs have stood up for pensioners in the face of Tory cuts - from leading the campaign to support Waspi (women against pension injustice) women across the UK, to highlighting their plans to remove the triple lock on pensions.

“Polls have narrowed across the UK, meaning the size of the Tory majority – or even whether the Tories get a majority at all – could come down to the outcome in Scotland.

“Pension cuts are precisely the sort of issue which a strong block of SNP MPs will make a real difference. Voters have a clear choice between Tory MPs who will rubber-stamp this plunder on voter’s pensions or SNP MPs who will oppose them – Labour cannot win this election in Scotland, meaning that any vote for them could let Tory MPs in by the back door.”

“In two days’ time voters across Scotland have an opportunity to stand up for Scotland’s pensioners by rejecting the Tory plans and to keep the Tory government in check.” Nicola Sturgeon

The SNP have made pensions one of their main areas of policy focusing on the distance created between older voters and the Tories over issues of social care, the dementia tax and the loss of the triple lock protection.

The Tories have also endured criticism from the Scottish Government in relation to promises made during the independence referendum where it was suggested that a vote to remain in the UK would ensure security for pension payments and rises.

Sturgeon added: “Now more than ever, it is vital to have strong SNP MPs standing up for Scotland at Westminster - only then can we guarantee that our pensioners will have their rights championed.”

With polls narrowing across the UK, the size of the Tory majority or outright victory is according to analysts in doubt. The UK Labour Party has hit 39 per cent four points higher than the polling share outcome of Labour in 2015 under Ed Milliband. 

Picture courtesy of Steven Duff

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Tue, 06/06/2017 - 14:42

The SNP richly deserve an epic kicking, for the reasons explained on this very site.

Arthur Blue's picture

Arthur Blue

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 17:32

Maybe so ... but there are several others in the queue ahead of them.


Tue, 06/06/2017 - 20:48

Yes, indeed Maurice. And let's kick a few women with 3 children (unless they've been raped of course) and while we're at it kick the disabled, the poor, the unemployed, the sick - all of whom have suffered financial penalties under the Tories - and let's kick those WASPI women who were expecting their pensions because the "magic money tree" has been used to load banks and the wealthy with free money - it's called QE. Let's kick the Scottish Police and Fire with a VAT bill (which TM doesn't even understand is a reserved power) and how about giving the renewables industry a good kicking so we can pour money into France and China as a reward for building a nuclear power station. And there's still £billions more cuts to come to make sure a lot more of the underserving get the kicking they deserve.


Tue, 06/06/2017 - 22:31


Whataboutery is all that the SNP supporters have left. That and willful denial of the facts. The SNP were told that there was a rule of many decades standing that said bodies without any local control have to pay VAT. The SNP decided they would proceed anyway, because nothing - nothing at all - must be allowed to stop them from centralising everything. But you go right ahead and keep on cherishing your grievances.

ejfj's picture


Wed, 06/07/2017 - 03:01

What do you mean, "local"? The Metropolitan Police area includes a population of, I believe, 6.6 million.

In other words, control over the Metropolitan Police is less "local" than Scotland's control over Police Scotland.

Ruth Davidson should be delighted that we have a single Police Scotland force, because it was Tory policy. Here's what she said in her 2011 manifesto:

"Scottish Conservatives were responsible for delivering 1,000 additional Police Officers in Scotland over the last four years as a result of our budget negotiations, and we are committed to maintaining Police numbers over the next Parliament. In order to ensure we can achieve this at a time when the public sector has to make savings, we will merge Scotland’s eight police forces into one."

Do please explain to us all, Maurice, in what way the Board of the Scottish Police Authority is under central control from Holyrood.

In 2011, Ruth Davidson also advocated elected police commissioners . We don't have elected police commissioners, but you can't say the notion of elected police and crime commissioners has really proved very popular in England & Wales .

The Scottish Police Authority website is The Police Scotland website is It has a useful "Your Community" section - as the Chief Constable says,

"Effective policing isn't just about enforcement. It's about working in and with our communities to identify and solve problems. That's why we've restructured our community policing so that it's easier for you to know who we are, what we do and how to get in touch with us."

Police Scotland is structured into divisions: Argyll and West Dumbartonshire; Ayrshire; Dumfries and Galloway; Edinburgh; Fife; Forth Valley; Greater Glasgow; Highland and Islands; Lanarkshire; North East; Renfrewshire and Inverclyde; Tayside; and The Lothians and Scottish Borders. That adds up to 13 divisions, which is possibly a bit more "local" than the 8 separate forces we had before April 2013.


Wed, 06/07/2017 - 14:00


Local is a question of distance, not quantity.

Here is a link to a report from the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accounting back in 2012 that removes your ability to continue your pretend denial.

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