Watch live: Glasgow protest challenges Tories attempts to form “coalition of chaos” with DUP

Protests springing up around Scotland and the UK against coalition with hard right unionist party

GLASGOW’s George Square will be the scene of protest today (15 June), as Scots protest against the prospect of a “coalition of chaos” between a badly weakened Tory party and the hard-right DUP.

The prospect of a lash-up between the Tories and the hardline unionist Northern Ireland party comes after Prime Minister Theresa May lost her majority in the General Election on 8 June.

An alliance between the DUP and the Tories would create a slim working majority in the House of Commons of just a few seats, and would be vulnerable to back bench rebellions in an increasingly divided Conservative party.

The coalition would give the DUP, a party born from the violence of the Troubles and sectarian religious fundamentalism, substantial power over wide areas of policy, including in Northern Ireland where some, including former Tory prime minister John Major, have warned they could disrupt the peace process.

A statement from the organisers reads: “The elections results have shown that Theresa May’s government is far from being strong and stable! She thought she would get a stronger majority but her campaign was a disaster and the manifesto revealed the Tories’ commitment to continue crushing ordinary people.

Watch the protest live from 6pm on independence live

“The Tories have no mandate to give these awful people a place in the governance of the UK. No to the Bad Friday Agreement – yes to real democracy.”

Speakers at the protest will include Han Deacon of the Scottish Irish Abortion Campaign, Penny Cole of Frackwatch Glasgow, Lynn Sheridan - Unison University branch equality officer ( in a personal capacity) and David Semple from the PCS union.

Protests against any Tory-DUP deal are being organised around Scotland and the UK, as negotiations continue between the two parties.

On 24 June an all Scotland protest will be held at the top of Buchanan street in Glasgow.

Analysis: Why the DUP’s origins in the Troubles and religious fundamentalism still matter

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party wiped-out a poll lead of over 20 points during the election campaign, leaving May to hold on to office by her finger-tips.

There is currently no power sharing government in Northern Ireland, as relations between the DUP and and the republican party Sinn Fein have broken down. The ability of the DUP to govern Northern Ireland from Westminster, a parliament rejected by republicans, could prove a serious impediment to the peace process. Opposition politicians have taken to calling plans for a Tory-DUP deal a “coalition of chaos” – a phrase used by May during the election campaign to characterise a prospective Labour-SNP deal.

The protest will take place between 6pm and 8pm and will begin with a moment’s silence for those killed at the fire at Grenfell Tower fire.

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Thu, 06/15/2017 - 15:45

Perhaps the organisers should take notice of the words of that great statesman, Alex Salmond, on the question of working with the DUP. Here is a clip of him saying it is "entirely proper...this is what politics is about...that's why people vote....all to the good"

Of course at the time he said these things he was imagining that he would be playing the big man, and obviously now he will not be present. However, that doesn't change the analysis. If it is OK for one party to work with the DUP when Alex Salmond is in the room then it is OK for another party to work with the DUP when Alex Salmond is not in the room.


Thu, 06/15/2017 - 16:30

All these angry marches only lose you support in the end. The double standards are mind numbing stupid, Milliband and sturgoen have told the public on many occasions that they would work with all party's except the Torys to form a goverment. Never did she in her plentiful pleas to form a coalition goverment has she ever mentioned not working with dup. Never so one must conclude that it's bad loser syndrome or anti democracy refusing to accept the result.
Come on it's only temporary until brexit is finalised then we get another election

Peter Dow's picture

Peter Dow

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 19:05

Another of the slow-motion car crashes which pass for street politics these days. I really should be there telling them how it is. Well, I'll have to make do with a post here.

By demonising the DUP, as political untouchables, the anti-Tory opposition will leave the DUP with no other deal on offer than what the Tories are offering the DUP, thereby pushing the DUP into the Tory camp, securing the Tory-DUP deal for the full 5-years of the hung Westminster Parliament.

The notion that whining from the side-lines is going to change anything is politics at its most infantile.

Those who reject dealing with the DUP for any reason, even to kick the Tories out, may as well burst out crying.

Cry me a river for all the good it will do those who will suffer under another Tory government for 5 more years.

Bawling and stamping our feet will simply leave the UK in the hands of the Tory-DUP deal. Utterly and completely useless.

We have to use our political intelligence.

I suggest instead that we call for an all anti-Tory opposition party approach at Westminster, Labour-led but including the SNP, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green - an approach to offer the DUP a better deal to support a Labour-led government.


To secure a Labour-led anti-Tory government in this hung parliament, Labour and partner parties should offer the DUP -

* an additional £2 billion a year for the Northern Ireland government budget PLUS

* full funding to build a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland, (as reported in the Evening Times story on 6th May 2015 "Building bridges - literally: Unionists plan for link between Scotland and Ulster" - link follows)

The cost estimate in 2007 of such a bridge was "£3.5 billion" but I wouldn't quibble, would pay whatever it costs.

It would most likely be a rail bridge that could carry road vehicles as the channel tunnel trains can carry vehicles.

Peter Dow's picture

Peter Dow

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 19:09

"Building bridges - literally: Unionists plan for link between Scotland and Ulster"


Fri, 06/16/2017 - 12:30

You really must get up to date and stop moaning about what was said or promised years ago - remember The Vow? Much has happened since - perhaps you're stuck in a time warp.

Mr Salmond also said in that interview "We would work with people who pursue objectives.... if there are policies in common of course we could work with them." As aways with your blinkered short-sightedness and bigotry - you cherry pick.

If you take the right to free speech as a given for your odious views, you can't complain about others exercising theirs - nor their right to free assembly.

Make sure your orange sash is clean for this month's parades.


Fri, 06/16/2017 - 14:13

"Mr Salmond also said in that interview "We would work with people who pursue objectives.... if there are policies in common of course we could work with them." "

You will have to explain to me what the magic effect of those words are.

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