WE'RE RECRUITING: CommonSpace is expanding and creating new positions - could this be a job for you?

CommonSpace fundraising drive creates new positions in the team

WE are absolutely delighted to announce we're expanding the CommonSpace team and creating a brand new role in the Glasgow office.

Thanks to the amazing commitment and generousity of our readers during this year's fundraising drive, we're excited to be recruiting CommonSpace's first dedicated news editor.

This will allow our editor-in-chief to focus entirely on expanding all other areas of content, reach and capability while a dedicated news editor works closely with the reporting team to generate exclusive stories and the kind of news reporting people in Scotland are hungry for.

We’d really appreciate it if you could sign up to CommonSpace as a regular supporter – in these political times, your voice must be heard. Build your grassroots new media today.

During 2017, CommonSpace has had a substantial number of new subscribers signing up, enabling us to add this new role into the team, and we expect to be recruiting again in 2018. When we launched our fundraising drive in June, we said we would recruit more staff and we’re delighted to be hiring before the year is out. Thank you to all of you for your incredible support.

This is great news for new media in Scotland. More than three years on from the Scottish independence referendum, support for CommonSpace is thriving. We have had an impact on the news agenda in Scotland, we are respected right across the board for our approach to quality journalism, and on top of that we've been running training placements behind the scenes for up-and-coming young journalists in Scotland who choose to come to us instead of traditional media outlets because we are practising the kind of journalism that matters.

In addition to a news reporter, we're excited to be recruiting a reporter for the team in Glasgow. Check out the details of both roles below, and get in touch if you think you're the best person for the job.

CommonSpace news editor (Glasgow)

30 hours per week, £10/hour

This is a brand new and exciting role at CommonSpace. The position is Glasgow based but may involve some travel when necessary.

Key responsibilities:

- Liaising with the editor on developing editorial direction
- Managing the news reporting team and driving the daily news agenda
- Ensuring both quality and quantity in news production in accordance with general targets
- Identifying strong news leads and building key contacts
- Generating original and exclusive news stories
- Commissioning regular news features from the reporting team
- Working with work experience students

Key skills:

- Previous journalism experience (including evidence of editing abilities)
- In-depth knowledge of Scottish politics and current affairs
- Exemplary writing and grammar skills
- Adequate knowledge of Scots media law
- Strong understanding of journalistic ethics
- Experience of using Drupal or other content managing systems
- Experience of new media and a creative approach to formatting

Desirable skills:

- Video/audio editing skills and filmmaking abilities are desirable

Please send your CV to editor Angela Haggerty on angela@common.scot, along with a covering letter explaining why you believe you would be a good fit for CommonSpace.

Closing date for applications: Monday 11 December

CommonSpace reporter (Glasgow)

30 hours per week, £8.75p/hour (national living wage)

CommonSpace is looking for a new reporter to join the team in Glasgow, and join one of Scotland's most exciting new media ventures.

Key reponsibilities:

- Creating fresh, original news stories about Scottish politics which go beyond the headlines and have a depth which reflects a wider picture
- Writing feature content, explainers and analysis pieces to enable our readers to understand more complex political stories
- Meeting editorial deadlines
- Breaking exclusive news stories
- Contributing fresh, exciting ideas at editorial meetings
- Uploading content to our online platforms in a stylish, engaging way, with particular attention given to creative formatting
- Writing headlines, subheadings and content for social media that reflects our content and tone and holds maximum appeal to potential readers
- Proofreading the work of other reporters, and knowing how to spot any potential problems
- The ability to quickly write up key pieces of news; occasionally writing entertaining, lighter articles to vary our content

Key skills:

- While we do not require any minimum academic qualifications to consider applicants for this role, we do ask that you have a demonstrable understanding of the journalism craft and a strong knowledge of Scottish politics and current affairs
- Good writing and grammar skills, along with strong attention to detail
- The ability to work under pressure, to tight deadlines and to respond quickly to fast-moving stories
- You must show an ability to find fresh and original news stories, uncover information and build strong contacts
- Good interviewing abilities

Desirable skills:

- Video/audio editing skills and filmmaking abilities are desirable

Please send your CV to editor Angela Haggerty on angela@common.scot, along with a covering letter explaining why you believe you would be a good fit for CommonSpace.

Closing date for applications: Monday 11 December

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Peter Dow's picture

Peter Dow

Tue, 12/05/2017 - 16:48

The picture of Kevin McKenna above makes my point.

Common Space and Common Weal cannot go on seeking to have it both ways -

* rightly supporting the Catalan political prisoners
* wrongly quoting a reference from a royalist like Kevin McKenna who supports the UK royals and presumably other royals whose kingdoms take political prisoners.

So who do you really want to side with Common Weal / Common Space?

Do you really side with the Catalan political prisoners and other victims of human rights abuses of Kingdoms like Spain and the UK?

Or do you really want to side with King Felipe and Queen Elizabeth and their royalist supporters like Kevin McKenna?

At the moment it isn't very clear whose side Common Space / Common Weal is really on?

It's MAKE YOUR MIND UP TIME Common Space / Common Weal!

Peter Dow's picture

Peter Dow

Tue, 12/05/2017 - 16:49

Kevin McKenna -

Guardian. Prince Harry. Opinion.
It’s time a royal bairn came to live in Scotland

Kevin McKenna is also quoted in Common Space promotional adverts.

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