Podcast: Democracy, the media and Scotland, with journalists Layla-Roxanne Hill and Adam Ramsay

CommonSpace reporter Sean Bell traps journalists Layla-Roxanne Hill and Adam Ramsay in a cupboard at the Democracy21 conference

COMMONSPACE sat down with the Ferret's Layla-Roxanne Hill and OpenDemocracy UK's Adam Ramsay in the finest room the Glasgow Marriott had to offer during the recent Democracy 21 conference. Issues discussed on the podcast include:

- OpenDemocracy's investigation into the dark money behind the Brexit vote

- SCL, the mercenary firm behind Cambridge Analytica

- How neoliberalism allows capitalism to eat away at democratic institutions

- Defending journalism while also envisaging alternative models

- Representation and power in the media

- What lies ahead for new media in Scotland

Pictures courtesy of Adam Ramsay and Layla-Roxanne Hill