INTERVIEW: With Patrick Harvie MSP, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens

CommonSpace editor Ben Wray spoke to Scottish Greens co-convenor and Glasgow MSP Patrick Harvie ahead of the party’s annual conference on 20-21 October.

It was a chance to discuss the vision of the Scottish Greens, the role of regulatory changes in reducing carbon intensive consumption habits, the EU single market, local tax reform, the Greens’ strategic ambitions and more.  

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0:20 What is the Scottish Greens vision to meet the 1.5C degrees limit which the IPCC say is needed to stop catastrophic climate change?

06:47 Is there a role for regulatory changes to reduce carbon intensive consumption habits?

09:30 Is the EU single market not an impediment to a zero carbon, decentralized model for the economy?

12:08 What are the Scottish Greens red lines for local tax reform?

18:05 Patrick’s views on the strategic ambitions for the Scottish Greens in coming years.

21:07 Would the Scottish Greens prefer a People’s Vote on staying in the EU or a Scottish independence referendum?