Tam O'Banter: Edinburgh polis get into the spirit on #BurnsNight

"Tak a minute o yer time, tae read this crime prevention rhyme..."

POLICE in Edinburgh have been getting wired into the whisky early ahead of Burns Night and

came up with their own Tam o' Shanter rhyme

in honour of the Bard.

Enjoy. You've been telt, as they say.

When you and your family leave the streets,

And drouthy scoundrels, scoundrels meet;

As market days are wearing late,

Some folk begin to jump your gate,

While we sit praying there’s more than a yale,

On your front door, unlocked and open (their holy grail)

We don’t think of the long Scots miles,

The marshes, waters, steps and stiles,

That lie between us and your hame,

Just catching the scoundrels is our aim

This truth finds an honest Kenny Mac

Our new commander, to Edinburgh - he’s back

Auld Edinburgh wham ne’er a town surpasses,

For honest men and bonny lasses.

Commander Mac has been sae wise

Tae give you a wee bit ae advice…

He tells thee tae tak good care o’er the darker nights

Wi locks and timers and plenty lights,

That frae November until March,

These simple steps could play a big part

In keeping thieves awa fae yer hoose

Keep valuables locked up and not out loose

For every scoundrel and opportunistic fool,

Will use yer spade, yer clippers or another tool

Tae get tae yer riches, yer motor and the like

So hide the keys fae aw the wee tykes

By aw means tak and enjoy a dram for oor pal Burns

But dinny tak it so far to end in a stomach churn!

The polis office is no place for a set and a reel

So behave yerselves neibors, and all will be weil

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