Stampede fears as minimum wage bar job offers staff discount on 'diamond studio'

Diamond-laden Glasgow bar staff finally recognised

THE Scottish hospitality industry really knows how to treat its often overworked, minimum-wage staff: offer an ‘exclusive voucher’ for a staff discount at ‘The Diamond Studio’.

The voucher, which offers a free diamond-cleaning service, was posted to a staff Facebook page by the bar manager at ‘29’, with the comment: “Just a little treat for you all from the Diamond Studio.”

The vast majority of the workers in the group are on minimum wage at £6.70 per hour, with some workers earning as little as £5.30 per hour. Economists have calculated that the accredited living wage, based on the ability of workers to live a comfortable life in Britain in 2016, is £8.25 per hour.

CommonSpace has calculated that staff at 29 would need to work “a shitload” of hours at their minimum wage rate to deck themselves out in diamonds.

The 29 venue, known to have staff working 16 hour+ shifts with just one 30-minute, unpaid break per shift regardless of how many hours worked, doesn’t even offer as much as a staff meal or a staff drink at the end of the shift. But hey, they can get their diamonds cleaned for free, and they’ll get a complimentary coffee while they wait.

The Diamond Studio, situated inside the venue, offers ‘bespoke’ engagement rings and jewellery, priced up to £7,000.

One excited staff member said: “I’ve got 29 bills to pay before I can get to the diamond studio.”

Pictures courtesy of Flickr and Facebook

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Fri, 08/26/2016 - 01:45

Seems amazingly out of touch!
Also unfortunately because of interpretation of the Licensing laws bars can be seriously told off/fined by police If staff are seen having drinks after licensed hours. So yeah, no more (legal) staff pints, sadly.


Fri, 09/09/2016 - 15:23

a pr friend worked for 29...worked 120 hrs..was promised £649..the bastards only gave him £120...


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