WATCH LIVE: Scottish Tory Party conference demo at Glasgow's SECC

Demonstration expected as Scottish Tories begin spring conference

PROTESTERS are expected to gather outside the Scottish Conservative Party conference at the SECC in Glasgow from around 10am this morning.

The demonstration will mark the beginning of the conference, at which Prime Minister Theresa May will speak.

Independence Live will be on the scene throughout, bringing all the latest.

Picture courtesy of mike138

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Fri, 03/03/2017 - 13:46

Well done to everyone braving the wind to demonstrate at the Scottish Tory Conference. I believe that, when Theresa May addresses the conference, she is going to Lay into the SNP for the State of Scotland's education system, for not being able to close the attainment gap. This is a problem that has been ongoing since before 2007. I don't suppose she'll mention that the cuts to Scotlands budget have played a large part in widening the attainment gap, or that Nicola has staked her career on closing it. John Swinney is doing a great job in reforming Scottish education, and when we are independent and have all the economic levers at our disposal, our education system will once again be the envy of the world. It will certainly outshine the English system, as the Tories are too concerned with giving handouts to their wealthy friends via cuts in Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax etc., and not bothering to chase up those who avoid tax or prosecute those who evade it. #WeAreScotland.

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