#SNP15 conference in pictures: Day 2

An insight into day two of the SNP conference

AS the SNP conference gets underway, CommonSpace has been snap happy.

Here's a glimpse into day two.

The Common Weal, Positive Money and New Economics Foundation event was jam packed, so six-year-old Valentina set up camp in the corridor for some much needed colouring in.


The Unison, Poverty Alliance and Child Poverty Action Group in action at their fringe event on decent work. Hannah Bardell MP: "Folk in this country have fought for a long time for these rights. We cannot let them go."


A sense of the scale of the SNP's main arena - incidentally, a superb lunch spot.


A rather busy and noisey (and stress-filled) media tent


Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney on stage in the distance following Swinney's address to conference.


The SNP's Paul Monaghan signing the People's NHS Scotland pledge to ensure NHS is exempt from TTIP.


Our homemade sign with a low down of tonight's land reform meeting - get there nice and early!


Mhairi Black, the UK's youngest MP, addresses conference on Tory welfare reforms.


Pictures: CommonSpace