The Team

I'm Angela Haggerty, the editor. It's my job to steer the editorial direction of CommonSpace and make sure it's providing the best service possible for our readers and funders. I'm always looking at opportunities to develop CommonSpace to its full potential, and I'm very keen to hear from our readers, whether it's general feedback or you'd like to get more involved in building Scotland's new media. Give me a shout on


I’m Michael Gray, a reporter and CommonSpace journalist. My work has focused on political reporting, land reform, social and economic inequality, campaigns for greater democracy in public life, international affairs, war and disarmament. Contact me on




My name's David Jamieson and I'm a journalist with CommonSpace. Areas I write about include Scottish politics, LGBT and disability rights, education, trade unionism, workplace exploitation and book and film reviews. Please contact me at to discuss stories.




IJen Stout'm Jen Stout and I work as a reporter for CommonSpace. I also now run the social media channels. Since joining the team six months ago, I’ve written a lot about policing, and I'm interested in blacklisting and surveillance. Tax, financial secrecy and land ownership are other issues I’d like to work on in the future. Having escaped from postgraduate research a few years ago, I enjoy journalism because of the opportunity to carry out research but then communicate it quickly to people. You can get in touch by emailing me on

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