Paying Our Way: The Case For A Scottish Payments System

Financial Services expert Peter Ryan returns to Common Weal with his latest policy paper advocating for a not-for-profit payments system to be rolled out across Scottish local authorities.

You can download the paper in full here.

Imagine you and I are an economy of two people. I pay you £100 in cash for goods. You, in turn, pay me £100 for services. Our economy ticks along just nicely exchanging goods and services with the cash transferring between us.


Breaking the Bankruptocracy: CommonSpace special week of coverage 10 years after the Crash

CommonSpace wants to hear your ideas on alternatives to bankruptocracy during our special week of coverage – email

15 SEPTEMBER will be exactly 10 years since the Lehmann Brothers US investment bank collapsed, the key moment in the great financial crisis of 2008. 

We all know what happened next – the losses were socialised while the bankers kept their profits and bonuses. While home owners faced repossession, the bankers quickly got back to the same old tricks.