Stabilise house prices and tax unearned wealth: 5 ideas the Scottish Government could take from Land for the Many

With the Programme for Government coming up in September, could Labour’s Land for the Many paper be a fruitful source of radical thinking for the SNP Government?

A NEW paper commissioned by the UK Labour Party and edited by writer George Monbiot on land policies, Land for the Many, is packed with good ideas, some of which have been borrowed from Scotland.


Neil Clapperton: How our Housing Association is responding to Climate Emergency in the oil capital of Europe

Contributing to our week of special coverage on Climate Emergency, Neil Clapperton, CEO of Grampian Housing Association, explains what they are doing to reduce the price of electricity for households, and why it could be a model to follow for the whole of the North-East of Scotland

COMMONSPACE’s climate change theme is targets (and rhetoric) to action, and I’d like to use this space to be a bit provocative, especially as I work in the self-styled oil capital of Europe.