LGBT History


Gemma Clark: Take Pride from our history - be proud of ourselves

Gemma Clark, a volunteer, speaker and writer with Time for Inclusive Education (TIE), writes ahead of TIE and CommonSpace’s special event to mark Pride on 18 July on the heroes of LGBT history. Clark looks at those who have inspired her from the past, and what inspires her today.

PRIDE. It’s a word that now has more than one meaning, largely thanks to the queer heroes and heroines of Stonewall.


18 July: Pride - How the Past can Shape our Future

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JOIN Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) and CommonSpace digital media site for a special event to mark Pride season, as a guest panel shares their defining Moments and Icons from LGBT history - and we discuss what can be learned from them today in the quest to advance LGBT rights.

Guest Panel:

- Hannah Bardell, MP for Livingston

- Ged Killen, MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West